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"The information entrusted to Supplier City Inc. by registered suppliers will be used to provide information to interested buyers accessing our Internet Site for the purpose of obtaining competitive quotes and or purchasing products or services from your company."

Supplier City provides - "One Stop Competitive Shopping for Business"

The information you provide will enable us to:
(1). Market your business on this Internet site to Buyers & Purchasing Departments.
(2). Link Buyers & Purchasing Deartments to your existing Internet site.
(3). Notify your designated sales rep of buyer requirements (RFQs) via e-mail.
(4). Accelerate your quote preparation and submittal via our Internet site.
(5). Enable Buyers to send e-mail to your designated sales representative.
(6). Educate Buyers about your company and provide them with essential information.
(7). Include your business with registered competitors providing similar products/services.
(8). Increase the speed and accuracy of the purchasing process for buyers & sales reps.
(9). Instantly register up to four (4) products and four (4) services for your company.
(10). Activate your secure "Supplier Area" to enable you to receive RFQs, submit quotes, receive and accept purchase orders and administer your account information.

Supplier Registration is FREE!
Important: Do you Qualify?
1. You must have and maintain an active e-mail address to receive RFQ notification.
2. You must designate one sales representative to receive E-mail & submit bids.

REGISTRATION - In Three Quick Steps

1. General Information
Please fill in all boxes accurately. Boxes with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
Important: This information can be modified by you at any time by selecting "Supplier Area".

Sales Representative's Name - This single point of contact receives all RFQ's
First Name*
Last Name*
Position / Title
E-Mail Address*
Company Name*
Primary Address*
Zip Code*
Phone Number*:
(Example: 111-222-3333)
Fax Number:
(Example: 111-222-3333)
Internet Address
(Example: www.abc.com)
Accounts Receivable Address: - (If different from Primary Address)
Street Address
Zip Code
Shipping Address: - (If different from Primary Address)
Street Address
Zip Code
Register 1 to 4 products and/or 1 to 4 services offered by your company to buyers / purchasing agents.
Product 1
Product 2
Product 3
Product 4
Service 1
Service 2
Service 3
Service 4
If the product or services sold by your company do not appear in the lists above, please select "other" in the first "Product 1" or "Service 1" drop down list above. Then enter the product(s) and or service(s) in the following box.

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